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70 Lyman St.
Holyoke, MA

City of Holyoke

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Holyoke is an exciting community and great place to live.

Holyoke was the first planned industrial community in the Nation. In 1847, merchant investors began construction of dam and canal system along the Connecticut River. With this construction came an elaborate complex of mills and worker’s housing, which evolved into the City of today. While many of the historic mills and industries are now gone, a number of structures have been maintained through preservation and revitalization efforts.

Holyoke utilizes a natural 57 foot drop in the river that was constructed with a granite dam and multi-level canal system. This system allowed the power of the river’s water to be extended to dozens of mill facilities throughout the Downtown area.

Holyoke is the proud home of the Holyoke Soldier’s Home, Mount Tom State Reservation, Holyoke Mall at Ingleside, Holyoke Heritage State and so much more.

Holyoke developed in the 19th Century as the nation’s first planned industrial community, at one time was known as the greatest paper production in the world. Holyoke is also the birthplace of Volleyball!

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