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Neighborhood Improvement Program

The Neighborhood Improvement Program
is undergoing a significant redesign


8/15/16:               This home improvement assistance grant is one of the oldest Community Development Block Grant funded programs in the United States, created by an act of the Holyoke City Council in 1975.

We are putting the program on a brief hiatus as we complete a significant redesign of the program, to better reflect the current cost of home repairs and the needs of eligible homeowners.  The grant amount hasn’t been adjusted in over 20 years! We expect to have new application forms available soon.  Our target date is September 9, 2016, or as soon after that as possible.

If you are thinking of applying, you can prepare now by getting at least two quotes for your project (or each part of it that needs a different provider).  Also, get the financial information of your household ready for review.   As required by Federal regulations, the income and assets of every adult in each applicant’s household had to be considered to determine of a grant can be awarded.

As always, do not start any work before you apply!  Our staff is always happy to answer any questions you may have.

  Thanks to WGGB News 40 and WWLP 22 for spreading the word about NIP on March 11, 2015    


Examples of Eligible Improvements are: New Siding+ New Wiring New Plumbing Insulation+ Storm Windows and Doors (New) New Heating/Hot Water Any other Structural Deficiency Lead Based Paint Removal+ Asbestos Removal + Other options

 Smoke and Heat Detection Systems are now MANDATORY on all homes. **if required for use by legally handicapped family member + These improvements and others not listed may fall under the SAFE LEAD PRACTICES regulations and require contractors to be certified (CHECK WITH US).